Breaking new ground with their unique blend of Argentinian tango and Latin American folklore entangled with jazz, the duet Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez have recently released their debut album, Encuentro. The album mainly presents original compositions by Roman Gomez and it is inspired by themes of nostalgia, loneliness, displacement, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom. At the heart of this collaboration is the vehemence and creativity that springs from improvised jazz. Their sound draws upon impressionistic elements, creating evocative imagery through the explorative use of “colour” in harmonic usage, texture, instrumentation and timbre. 

They have recently launched their album in London at the Pheasantry Jazz Club and in Cyprus at Sarah’s Jazz Club. The duet also won the second place at the LUKAS 2019 awards in the category Classical/Jazz/Folk act of the year.

Encuentro leaves the impression of a beautiful musical experience infused with nostalgia and the lingering notes of a hauntingly smooth song. ” - Sarah Fenwick


Andria Antoniou

Andria has earned great praise for her jazz fusion, Latin influences and Greek retro roots. She has continuously collaborated with renowned and award-winning artists including Omar Puente, Greg Arrowsmith, the band Classico Latino, Mario Bakuna, Giorgos Hatzinasios, and more recently, Roman Gomez, having performed across venues and festivals in London, Athens, Cyprus, Colombia and Cuba.



Roman Gomez

Roman is an established piano, bandoneon and guitar soloist, as well as composer and arranger. His work embraces elements from Argentinian music while being enhanced by the flavours of Brazilian music and stylistic elements of jazz. While living in Italy, he collaborated with acclaimed Italian artists including jazz composer Daniele Sepe, the singer Lucio Dalla, Edoardo de Angelis and Lisa Tony Esposito. Roman has extensive experience performing across Europe, particularly in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, UK, Estonia and Sweden





Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez

Our debut album Encuentro is an expression of the power of encounter between artists and musical cultures. It is inspired by the themes of displacement, nostalgia, loneliness, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom.

Our first encounter unearthed a common passion for the rich sound of Latin American music. We curiously began exploring ideas about combining the musical cultures and languages that interest us. This project brings our shared experiences and vision to life through Roman’s original compositions.

It is with immense pleasure that we now bring this musical experience to you and we are very much hoping that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez, 2019
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